April 15, 2009

Portland Buy Local April Board Meeting Minutes Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Portland’s Downtown District Conference Room

Board members in attendance: Nancy Lawrence, Joan Leitzer, Susan Tran, Stacy Mitchell, Kristin Smith, Bill Duggan, Judy Halpert, Kathy Palmer, Stuart Gersen.

Advisory Board members in attendance: Elise Loschiavo, Jan Beitzer Susan opens the meeting.

The Board reviews and approves the minutes from the March 18, 2009 meeting.

Executive Committee – Susan Tran

  • The committee met to look at the budget for Fiscal Year 09/10. The Board reviews the proposed budget and the budget from the previous year.
  • Jan comments that PBL should aim to balance the budget in FY 09/10.  Stacy motions to approve the budget as preliminary and revisit in July. Stuart seconds and the motion is approved.

Membership Committee – Kristen Smith

  • Kristen updates the board on the ongoing membership drive. Response has been strong but we do not have numbers on the directory ads yet. It is suggested to send out an email about advertising in the directory.
  • The preliminary directory cover design by Tugboat Creative is reviewed. Stacy would like the illustration to be more neighborhood friendly and look less like a downtown scene. The board votes to remove the arrows from the cover.
  • Next marketing committee meeting is April 21, 9:30am at Planet Dog. Kristen requests that anyone with ideas for new members should contact her.
  • Judy proposes that we barter ads in the directory and the board decide that all decisions of that nature should be reviewed by the marketing committee before a barter decision is made.

Marketing Committee – Elise Loschiavo

  • Elise gives an overview of the upcoming 10% shift campaign. She requests approval of a budget of $2,800 to spend on advertising and marketing to drive people to make the 10% Shift pledge. Stacy motions to approve the budget and it is seconded by Kristen. The board approves the budget.
  • Kathy Palmer gives an update on the indie Biz Awards on May 20. She would like to barter a membership with Burgess Advertising who donated design services for the event. The nomination period is expired and advertising is on-air with WMPG and in the Bollard. The board members agree to nominate businesses this week.
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