April 13, 2011

Board of Directors Meeting

April 13, 2011, 8:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m
Portland Downtown District Offices

In Attendance: Susan Tran, Elliott Teel, Nancy Lawrence, Mary Marsh, Joe Gervais, Bill Duggan, Chris Busby, Danielle Marks, Stuart Gerson, Joan Leitzer, Sayre English

Absent: Stacy Mitchell, Kristen Smith, John Rooks, Judy Halpert

Guests: Bethany Tinsley Mateosian, Springboard Pilates

Meeting Commenced at 8:35 a.m.

Executive Committee

Website Discussion:

  • Susan discussed the need to keep the website content fresh and asked for volunteers to provide ready copy to Stacy for posting. Ready copy should be complete, edited and ready to post.
  • Danielle commented that Member Mixer info for the year has already been provided to Stacy.
  • Ideas for content included: Downtown Worker Appreciation Day, Mixers, and notifications of neighborhood based events.

April Lowdown and Other Communications:
Susan asked if Danielle could work on the Buy Local Lowdown for April which she graciously accepted. Discussion was had regarding the April eNewsletter content and member communications regarding DWAD including an appeal for coupons and bug stuffers.

Walk Around the Block:
Bethany from Springboard Pilates discussed the idea of having “hyper-local” coupon booklet campaigns localized to specific neighborhoods or blocks (such as the State St. block) and to distribute to the local neighborhood. Susan suggested that we could work with neighborhood ambassadors. Joe added that we could also tie the idea into a Neighborhood spotlight on the website. General support for the idea came from the board though no direct action items were developed at the time.

FY12 Budgeting Process:
Bill opened up the discussion regarding the FY 2012 budgeting process and handed out assignments to committee chairs for the committees to develop their own expense related budgets by the next EC meeting based on previous year’s expenditures. Bill was to handle the Executive Committee budget, Joe to address the Membership Committee, Nancy/Mary to address Volunteer Committee, Chris to address Marketing.

Bill suggested to pre-plan the year out to anticipate upcoming expenses for the period of June 1, 2011 – July 30, 2012.

Indie Biz Awards:
Susan opened up discussion regarding the 2011 Indie Biz Awards. Questions of:

Do we do the event this year? If so, when? Ticket Prices? Should the event be free? Should the format be different? Should the nominating process be different?

General consensus was that the event should continue on. The venue of Space was discussed and the majority felt its location and size were strong and the event should remain there. Bill suggested that the focus should be more on celebration of local business and less on awards – potentially do away with nominating process. Susan stated that the nomination process was a strong draw to the website and that we should continue with it if able. Stuart remarked that maybe we should do away with awards and more on general applause for the local businesses. Stuart also suggested that maybe it should be free for members and a nominal fee for non-members.

Susan stated that the true money generation for the event was through attracting sponsors and that we should be proactive in attracting that support. Susan also suggested that try to use the event to target non-members. In addition Susan made a call for volunteers to head up the event but there were no immediate volunteers.

Other considerations for the event included:
Food vendors, art auction, local music, Best New Business Award???


Membership Committee

Joe shared the status of the current membership drive and printed directory efforts. Currently there 433 active members listed on the website however approximately 50 had not renewed for the upcoming fiscal year. At the time of the meeting Kristen was absent as she was working on getting the final printed directory list to Heather. It was agreed at the last EC meeting that due to the new website conversion and changes in our invoicing process that for a select group of non-renewers that have been long time members that we would include them in the printed directory list and sent one last follow up invoice. If those members have not paid by June 30, they will be removed from the online directory. Joe called for volunteers to review the printed directory proof once available.

Member Mixer:
Danielle shared that the next Mixer will be held at Maine Coast Kitchen Design on April 21st followed by a May event at Apothecary By Design and Lucid Stage in June. It is hopeful that the printed directory will be available for a launch party at the June Mixer.


Volunteer Committee

Nancy shared that Doug Johnson and others have completed the distribution of the new posters. At the last mixer, five new individuals signed up for volunteering. The next big project coming up will be the June delivery of the printed directories. Discussion was had regarding the need to mail directories to locations requiring only a few copies.


Marketing Committee

Chris shared that Stephan Parkhurst’ video project is currently underway and proceeding well. Chris is currently working with State of Mind on a new PBL sticker order as inventories are running low. Current quote is $1320 for a quantity of 6000.

Sayre updated us on DWAD, they are currently seeking donations for bags and coupons are due next week. Bard, CBD and Others have agreed to provide coffee for the event. Everyone stressed the importance of the vendors being aware of the need to supply cups and sugars/creamers or to pick up separately. Food orders also will be doubled for this years’ event. Chair massages will be provided in Tommy’s Park the day of the event. In addition, volunteers are needed to stuff bags on May 2,3,4.

Bag donations include:

  • Portland Mag
  • Downeast Mag
  • Videoport Pens
  • CBD stickers
  • PDD Directories
  • Art Guides

Chris also shared the design for the new “Keep it in the Loop” poster and discussion ensued on the shirt providers. Stuart questioned the need for the shirts to be organic if we will not be eating it.

Stuart raised the question if the membership decals should include year of membership. General discussion was had but no resolution was reached.

Meeting adjourned at 10:00 a.m

Thank you sustaining members!

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