March 11th: Board Meeting Minutes

Portland Buy Local

March Board Meeting – Minutes

March 11th, 2015

In attendance:  Tony Cox, Norman Patry, Mary Marsh, Erin Kiley, Danielle Marks, Deb Tenenbaum, Elliott Teel, Hannah Wolken, Doug Johnson, Caitlin Cameron, Josh Dickson

Business Closures:  Karma Fair Trade, Sewing Solutions

New Businesses:  East Ender, Full Belly Deli

February Meeting Minutes:  Norman motions to approve February minutes.  Danielle seconds motion.  Board voted unanimously in favor.

Ambassador Update:  Brett’s vacation postponed.

    March Newsletter

  • Membership renewal & directory plug

  • Brown bag forum

  • Buy Local Hero Card

  • Peloton Labs partnership

Database update – working with class at SMCC, streamlining tasks with templates for different functions ie. e-newsletter, renewal mailings etc.

Membership:  Each board member has been assigned to contact 10 renewals, 3 new businesses and 1 member for discount – Spreadsheets sent out with different tabs to update once contact has been made.   Form email was sent to board for use.  Brett will check PO Box more frequently and update spreadsheet to ensure that we stay on top of renewals.  2nd Invoice went out postage mail this week.

  • Ad space due by March 28th, renewals by March 31st.  Proofing and edits due by first week of April.

  • Remaining directories need to be distributed – get volunteer!

    • Deb will post on facebook for volunteer

  • 5-6 boxes to CBF for board members to grab during business hours.

  • Referral Program – to launch in the fall, Discount to membership with every referral brought in.

Membership Requirements:   Proposed new guidelines seek to be more inclusive.  Concerns that members might now be eligible that don’t align with our mission.  Some debate over whether or not to keep # of outlets, and majority of locations.

    -Define non-profit eligibility

    -add Get Involved Criteria tab with eligibility requirements to website w/non profits, business and definition of franchise.

-add sponsorship opportunity

-add “privately held” business

Brett will revise membership guidelines, website content and directory content and will send out to Board on Monday March 16th  for approval.  Tony will send to Advisory Board *Mary Allen & Stacy Mitchell.  Board will vote on decision prior to next board meeting so content is ready for directory.


  • Brown Bag Lunch Forum, March 31st at noon @ Vitalius Conference Room.  Posted on Start Up Calender.  Deb will send to Snaps on the haps.  Event is free to members and public.

  • Book Club – Last meeting only 3 in attendance.  Consensus is that resources be utilized for programs that engage more members.  No future book club date scheduled.

  • The Bollard ads – not ongoing, Last few months we purchased ad space for posters and renewals but will stop after March.

  • Next proposed mixer is end of April – Peloton and Think Local

  • Portland Club is interested in hosting mixer, possibly in June.  Hannah will put Danielle in contact with them.

Chains:  First meeting successful.  Timeline discussed.  Concerns about November deadline.  Referendum timeline proposed for special election June 2016 (likely) or November General Election 2016.  Next meeting is March 13th at 8am at CBD.  Objective is to discuss the type of ordinance we want and better define language/wording of campaign.  All communications are to go through Deb.

Development Projects:  Century Tire development is in the works.  Appropriate timing for Portland Buy Local to submit public comment/letter encouraging projects to include local businesses in development.  Caitlin will draft letter and send to Tony for final edits.  Tony will submit letter on behalf of Portland Buy Local as public comment.

Start up Calendar – Portland wide Entrepreneurial Calendar that will list all resources, classes, events for business owners and the business community in Portland.  We will submit our brown bag lunches and events to this calendar.  

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