July 9th, 2014, Board Meeting Minutes

Portland Buy Local

July Board Meeting – Minutes


In attendance: Doug Johnson, Elliott Teel, Deb Tenenbaum, Norman Patry, Elise Loschiavo, Brianna Courneya, Kristen Smith, Tony Cox, Will Cary, Erin Kiley, Mary Marsh, Thalassa Raasch.

Welcome, and Elections, and Board Changes:

•This is Bri’s last meeting, Kristen’s too.

•Elect new officers –

•Elliott moves to elect Tony as new President (Doug seconds)

•Tony motions to elect Deb as Secretary (Mary seconds)

•Danielle will remain VP

•Jan resigned from Board – moved to NY for a short-term contract.

•Thalassa is returning to grad school this fall – her last week will be first week of August.

•Bank account – we’ll have to reset the signing hierarchy

Ambassador Position Search:

•Job description – maybe adjust hours to 25?

•Hiring Committee will be Elise, Erin, and Tony.

•Thalassa will assemble a guide with overview of events and tasks handled by the Ambassador.

•Prioritizing Thalassa’s time –


•clean website (Elliott/Deb/Tony will take this on)


•Perch invoice

•notes from conference

Board recreuitment :

•We need 7-19 Board members with quorum as majority.

•Let’s start a document to track this search (Deb?)

Indie Biz Awards:

•Allen (not present) has volunteered to chair this committee with Mary and Danielle as resource.

•This month – let’s set the date, venue, then gather a larger committee. We like SPACE Gallery and we like October.

•Touch base with Mary Allen re sponsors. She is a pro at this has handled it in the past!


•There are some changes – Thalassa’s hours are more, office is more. Ambassador expenses is what caused us to go over budget

•How do we offset these costs?

•Let’s push individual memberships this year – less about a level and more about a donation…. “friends of Portland Buy Local.” Are donations tax deductible? …Are we a 501-C6 mutual benefit corporation?

•Increase membership dues next year – Membership Committee will take this on with November as date for new fees in place.

•New income – community banks, individual membership, increased rates

•Let’s do tote bags this year – gift for larger individual donation. More marketing than cash.

•Office share? Go ahead to look for this – Elise. Add in locked file cabinets.

•Norman will present a more concrete budget design at August’s meeting.

•Formal budget to come – stop gap. Let’s be conservative and plan on loss for next year. 6K increase projected in membership income. We will dip into our reserves by about 7K.

•Propose 42,000 income busget (adding 6K) with 47,000 expenditure, 5K from reserves. (Norman motions to approve this. Elise seconds. Approved.) Provision in motion – detailed budget to be voted on at next meeting.

•Have this ready by 8/1/2014

Marketing Meeting:

•Next Mixer in September

•They are working on a plan to sponsor our members to go to local forums, etc.

•They are Developing a Scholarship fund

•Let’s have a presence at upcoming Neighborhood Association meetings

•How can we serve you better?

•Calendar of events?

•Who are your members and how can we reach out to them?

•Iconic visuals for map? And slogan?

•Let’s have a presence at neighborhood Telling Room events too

August Meeting:

•Tony proposes larger August meeting.

•5:30-8:30 at Erin’s house in Falmouth, 17 Middle Road

•3 hour meeting – 1 hour voting, 2 hours ?

•August 4th – make sure Danielle can come.

•Let’s potluck this.

Other Items:

•Motion to approve May minutes – Mary moves, Will seconds.

•Book Group needs new home – 7 to 8:30pm. City hall? Our office! 3rd Tuesday of the month.

•Folding chairs from Erin. 4 currently in office.

•Stacy is coming to August meeting. – Deb interested in having MaineBiz reporter come.

ACTION ITEMS (this is a big one!):

Norman – budget

– are donations to PBL tax deductible?

Elliott/Thalassa/Deb/Tony – website meeting, new member packets

Will – Membership $

Elliott – Marketing $

Thalassa/Deb/Tony – expenses.

Erin – potluck doodle for August meeting.

Thalassa – Board recruitment list


•finalize Perch transaction

•online archive

•intern – copy Deb on this, also Spetacle Island Consulting

•notes from conference

•Postcards to Marketing Committee for final review.

•Total hours to Tony for the year.

•Put Tony in touch with Joe Grafton, etc.

•Training timeline

•IB ball rolling – let’s approach community bank NOW to be large sponsor for this event, UCU? Androscoggin?

•Number of members in each category to redo expenses. Send to Will

•Neighborhood orgs meeting times, etc.

•Google calendar!!!!

•Post minutes

Membership Committee:

– new membership rates and design – to be put in place November

– Individual membership

Deb – touch base with Doug re MaineBiz reporter to August book club.

– press release re new board, president, etc.

Elise – look into office share

Allen/Tony/Deb – First IB meeting

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