February Board Meeting Minutes Wednesday Feb 8th, 2017

February Board Meeting Minutes

Wednesday Feb 8th, 2017


In Attendance: Jenn Thompson, Sean Markley, Tony Cox, Heather Caston-Talbot, Hannah Wolken, Ellen Kanner, Tony Zeli, Danielle Sarmir, Adam Nyhan, Tom Gangewer, Chris Bettera, Emily Broadbent


New business/closed business discussion

  • New restaurant called little mogodishu
  • Bibos closed
  • New Korean place – Adam will go
  • New Japanese place- Emily chatted with him and will follow up


Introduction of Heather Caston Talbot of Clark Insurance – Potential board member

Introduction of Ellen Kanner of Dobra Tea – Potential board member

Discussion and vote on minutes from January Board Meeting

  • Hannah motioned to accept the minutes, Tom seconded, all in favor


Jenn’s Update –

Imagine Portland/ eggs and issues

  • Interesting to hear the Chambers “Case for Growth”


– EC committee does not feel we can take this on

– Will include it in the newsletter

Jenn and Tony applying to Maine CF Community Building grant for conference funding

There will be a mailing party 2/28- 8-11

Feb Newsletter

  • Mixer
  • Media partnerships
  • FB forum
  • Membership reminder
  • Pubhub
  • Bios

Treasurer’s Report – Tom

  • Recap of the budget
  • Expenses are up, so is membership


Should we keep a record on in-kind donations?

  • Jenn will add this to data collection spreadsheet


January visionary retreat

Thank you to Hannah for hosting

Thank you to Adam for taking notes (link to notes)

Discussing outcomes next month

Group to discuss increased effort to lobby more for small businesses

  • Find one issue that is non controversial
  • Adam will circulate some ideas
  • Monitor and influence what is happening
  • Email legislators with November month

Community Forum Update – Jenn and Adam

  • Event will take place in September, not May
  • Google doc, top ideas
  • Checking in with people who had been involved earlier
  • Include board in emails for this group

Potential Partners for discussion, no conflicts found:

Growsmart Maine

Portland Downtown – sponsor

Maine Community Foundation –

Maine Development Foundation – yellow light brine

Maine Venture Fund –

Maine and Company  –

Portland Food Council –  



Small Business Development Center


Invision maine


Executive Committee interest for 2017-2018

  • If anyone interested in EC positions or Committee chairs please let the EC committee know. Next month the full board will be nominating slate for 2017-2018

Membership Committee

Discussion of directory cover and vote to choose this year’s artwork

    • Hannah made a motion to move forward with quilt image. Danielle seconded, all in favor
      • Request lots of color like spring poster
  • Directory season is coming
  • Jenn to send out list of expired members to Board
  • Ask chicken 3000 to assign pan-tone colors so we can move forward with it
  • Design Guidelines Review
    • Jenn to add additions- vote next month
    • Add our mission
    • Including quote / educational statistics
  • For ad: remove stat make logo bigger



Marketing Committee – Hannah

  • Our next mixer will take place at Maine Yoga Kids on Wednesday February 22 from 5:30-7pm. Sean and Heather to help set up


Executive session – Board vote on Heather Caston Talbot and Ellen Kanner for board of directors. Hannah motioned to accept them, Adam seconded, all in favor.


FB member forum

    • Sean help moderate
    • Sean to invite
    • Everyone post each week
    • Would you like to be invited? Ask us.


Heather to motion to roll it out, Adam seconded, all in favor.  


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