December 10th, Board Meeting Minutes

Portland Buy Local

December Board Meeting – Minutes

December 10th, 2014

In attendance:  Tony Cox, Allen Baldwin, Josh Dickson, Elliott Teel, Danielle Marks, Doug Johnson, Will Cary

November meeting minutes – Will motions to approve November minutes.  Allen seconds motion.  Board voted unanimously in favor.

Business update – New: Bao Bao Dumpling House, Portland Food Co-op Retail Store.  Closing: Maine Pie Line, Pocketful of Posies, J.L. Coombs

Ambassador Update –

  • social media campaign running through December 22nd
  •  Merry Madness table @ Congress Square Dec. 11th, promoting marketing campaign
  • Creative Portland and Holiday Poster distribution completed
  • Renewal letters out through March
  • December Newsletter out December 18th, to include Gift Guide & social media campaign

Membership – renewals with current newsletter sent out through March.  Goal is to earn membership revenue before end of fiscal year.  Brett will send renewal contact sheet for Board follow-up and will update regularly with updated member renewals.  Each board member responsible for contacting 2-3 businesses.  Follow up can be phone call or in person.  Follow up to be done immediately following Christmas.

  • Goal is to hit 500 members for new Directory?
    • Every new member gets facebook blast
    • Big Board monitoring recruitment, encourages board to recruit
    • proposal for membership rack card w/ bullet points of benefits

work up completed in 2013 (see Mary for design)

budget issue in 2013, revive proposal and inquire about cost

  • member discount card – Erin to develop card program proposal
  • Cost of newsletter is too high to continue mailing with renewals
  • Streamline Welcome packet
  • Will and Norman to contact sustaining members
  • Danielle will contact UCU
  • Josh joins Membership committee

Advocacy Role – lobbying position in regards to development projects in Portland.  Should PBL initiate dialogue with developers?  Example is Midtown Development project, large retail development with potential to lobby for independent business requirements.

  • Act as independent business voice
  • Participate in planning meetings or send letter defining development proposal
  • Potential to connect small business with new retail space developers
  • Concerns about taking a political stand, must be a case by case decision
  • With Caitlin’s guidance, back certain developments with a pro-local stance

Chains update – Update with current key players @ January Board meeting

Other Portland boards

-3 vacancies in Portland Development Corporation board.  Tony has interest in     joining and will attend meeting to learn more.

-Allen and Norman applied to CVB board

Marketing – Holiday campaigns – social media, gift guide, Holiday poster

Social Media campaign – post pics w/#happylocalshopper to promote campaign.  Winner has yet to retrieve prize.

December marketing meeting rescheduled for January 7th due to NYE.

 Mixer – February 11th, Fish and Bone (previously known as Fetch pet store)

Next potential locale Portland Food Co-op in April.  Brett will contact Mary Alice.

Workers Comp Insurance – $390 fine from state for lack of coverage.  Fee is essentially cost of unpaid insurance premiums.  Covered now w/ Memic.  Question of appeal, will it cost anything? where does the fee go?  Tony will send letter from state to board.  Board will consider appealing based on Tony’s conversation with state and more information on appeal process.

Office Space – Opportunity to share PBL office space with Buoy Local.  Reduce our rent by $250 a month.  Landlord approves office share.  Kai Smith and Sean Sullivan will look at space in January.  Vote will take place at January board meeting on space sharing with Buoy Local.

  • Concern about name and sharing office space.  Does it dilute our brand?  Consider advertising (craigslist) for alternative space sharing options.
  • Benefits of sharing is reducing expenses, potential new contacts (Buoy Local is well connected), very few drop ins, office hours are complimentary.

Board Member Recruitment  – Deb and Tony will arrange formal meeting with Hannah Wolken.  Current Idexx employee, would be individual member of PBL.  Well connected and good marketing candidate.

Other potential recruits:

-Patty Daunis has interest in joining as a board member, active with PDD, well    connected.  Needs to be approached, Tony will contact

-Chris Busby would consider joining board member, Tony will inquire

-Sue Tran will help/advise but less likely to return to board

Board decides 8:30am board meeting stands, end at 9:45 hard stop.

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