August 3rd, 2014, Board Meeting Minutes

Portland Buy Local
August Board Meeting – Minutes

In attendance: Will Cary, Danielle Marks, Norman Patry, Elise Loschiavo, Erin Kiley, Tony Cox, Allen Baldwin, Debra Tenenbaum, Mary Marsh, Doug Johnson
Welcome – Tony Cox, new president, welcomed everyone to the meeting.
RACI – Tony announced we would be using the acronym RACI to assign tasks and roles of the board.
• R = Responsible for doing task/work
• A = Accountable for task – make sure it goes as planned
• C = Consulted – anyone who wants to be part of a 2-way conversation about task
• I = Informed – anyone who wants to keep updated on progress of task, and whose work depends on this task
Minutes from July board meeting were approved.
Ambassador Position – the hiring committee announced they received many great applicants and were very close to making a decision and an offer.
2014-2015 budget – Will Cary discussed three different budget models using various increases in membership dues and members. The executive committee agreed that Portland Buy Local needs to go for the most aggressive plan in order to keep the budget in line. This would mean increasing memberships as follows:
• Non-profit membership – $25 increased to $35
• Small Business membership (1-14 employees) $50 increased to $65
• Small Business membership (14-59 employees) $75 increased to $85
This model also assumes a 2.5 % increase in the number of members. For comparison, Portland Buy Local increased its membership by 20% this past year.
Norm presented the 2014-15 budget using that model. We were $11.59k over our budget last year (as was expected with our new website and office space.) With the upcoming budget, and changes made to membership costs, we will be $3.7k over budget. We have about $35k in reserve.
We would mention the change in renewal letters sent out – with the hope that members would see the benefit of our organization – and the potential of even more if we are able to pay our ambassador for more hours.
The board was in agreement about the increase in membership costs.
Allen mentioned all small businesses look for a return on investment. The board agreed that businesses do get that through the directory listings, promotions, and networking events. Doug mentioned we have a mission to build and sustain a local economy. Members should join us for that mission – not just for their own business but for the future of the character of Portland.
Erin brought up the idea that we may want to budget additional funds at some point to hire consultants for help in grant-writing or boosting membership. The board agreed we could do that later if we find the need to make that move.
Norm made a motion to approve the 2015-2016 budget with the changes in membership fees. Mary seconded. Board voted unanimously in favor.
Indie Biz –
Allen will take the lead as an Accountable,
Danielle and Norm – Responsible
Mary – Consulted
Board – Informed
We need to get a date for Indie Biz ASAP. Looking at October 23 as a possibility.
Tony has checked in with Mary Allen on the sponsorships.
Doug is talking with Norm about the creation of an Entrepreneur of the Year award that would not be quantitative (# of votes), but qualitative. Will work with committee as they come up with award categories.
We should ramp up auction. Board members should each get at least one item for the auction for Indie Biz.
Allen will send the board a proposal for categories, and event specifics before the next meeting.
Board Recruitment – Deb distributed a board recruitment spreadsheet detailing current board members and potential board members along with what type of members or business owners they are and what neighborhoods they are in.
We discussed skill sets for potential candidates and agreed to talk with several potential board members and invite them to the September and October board meetings.
Tony will meet with each of the board candidates first. They are:
Shannon Bryan
Heather Saborn
Jay from Angela Adams
Josh Dickson
Caitlin Cameron
Downtown Worker Appreciation Day –
Tony will be Accountable
Ambassador will be Responsible
Elise will be Consulted
board will be Informed.
Date is October 2.
We should set up a committee after Indie-Biz about the future of this and other events. Elise and Erin volunteered to be on that committee.
Website –
Elise and Elliott have agreed to be Accountable.
Ambassador will be Responsible.
Board will be Informed.
Reporting of Ambassador- Tony and Elise will be the ombudsman for the Ambassador. Will have weekly check-ins with him or her to make sure he or she knows what to prioritize.
Newsletter – Make sure we have a save the date for Indie Biz as well as next member mixer – at Casco Bay Frames. Also, include info about new ambassador, president, secretary. As well as vacant seats in book club.
Chains discussion – Norm, Deb, and Tony will meet with Mary Allen about the chains.
Mixers – The board decided to limit the mixers to 5 times a year. At the same time, we can do “Member spotlights” to promote the mixer as well as the business hosting it. Mixers will be September, November. February, April, and June. We also discussed diversifying other events – a brown-bag lunch discussion, coffee mixer, etc. September will be at Casco Bay Frames.
Harvest in the Hood – The Rosemont Neighborhood Association will be hosting this event Sepetmber 20. Portland Buy Local will have a table there. We could roll out individual memberships. Will we be giving out Buy Local Bags?
Kristen Smith came by to say farewell as president. We presented her with a gift bag of goodies from our businesses to fill up all her new-found free time
Many thanks to Erin for hosting and making that fabulous Jackfruit carnitas!

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