August 14th, 2013 Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting 8/14/2013, 8:30am

In attendance: Joe Gervais, Kristen Smith, Thalassa Raasch, Brianna McCabe, Michelle Smith, Doug Mitchell, Elliott Teel, Danielle Marks, Deb Tenenbaum, Erin Kiley.

Vote for new Board Member: Deb Tenenbaum is approved by unanimous vote.

June meeting minutes: change in formatting, action items list, some typos – approved, full vote.

Erin Kiley arrives – introductions all around. Invited back to next meeting.

Treasurer’s report:

  • total income for year – $35,275.85
  • total expenses – $34,924.75
  • $1000 account receivable should now be off the books
  • Gorham Savings Accounts is zeroed out, Kristen will initiate closing account
  • Joe will look into CD (?) possibilities
  • Potential new expenses from Strategic Planning session, to be discussed at future exec meetings…

Marketing Committee:

  • Now in two sections – educating public + promotion efforts to members – will be split between Michelle and Elliott
  • Additional tasks were assigned across the committee, to be reported back soon
  • Ideas included forums, round tables, book club, speakers, long-term success award at Indie Biz, coffee hour speakers and idea exchanges.


  • October 3rd – Bard at Tommy’s Park, Speckled Ax?, CBD
  • $1000 budget. We could cover cost of cups if needed. Thalassa will present cost information at next meeting.

Mixers: at Urban Farm Fermentory on Tuesday September 10th, at reVision Heat on October 7th

Indie Biz Awards: at Space Gallery on October 22. First committee meeting tonight 8/14/13        

  • Sponsorship in the works
  • Award category ideas – “Best Incubator for Local Businesses” – merge “Soul” and “Icon of Portland” – “Volunteer of the Year Award” to acknowledge individuals who support organization – Entrepreneurship category to be developed for 2014.
  • Be sure to let nominees and winners know so that they can be present

Membership: no representation, not yet rolling membership, to be picked up in September

  • Elise Loschiavo to return as a board member in September (to be voted in in October)…used to work for PDD, etc. interest in Membership Committee
  • Still recruiting Ellen from Dobra tea

Other Business:

  • Letter to our members:
    • To include an updated Board list, results of Strategic Planning meeting, committee information, a call for volunteers and new committee members
    • Reminder to share news with staff, etc. – flyers and more to share with folks
    • A call for action from our members, reminding that we are their ally who welcomes them to share in our ambition.
    • Kristen will draft and circulate
    • Letter stuffing party TBD
    • An update to the press about our Strategic Planning session, goals outlined for coming years?

Vision Statement: on hold for absent members to review by Monday 8/19…

Bacon + Beer: let’s throw our hat in the ring!

  • Problem of food producers based in Portland, etc.? Will have to expand beyond our membership – Farmer’s Market is that connection.
  • Get clear boundaries about expectations of participating non-profit.

This Good World:

  • Self-selected, self-directed. Problematic are fee levels, no definition of good, consumers can only view not comment, no accountability.
  • Could our smaller members join under our umbrella? Does this reroute our member efforts away from our organization? Plan to draw site traffic? – check with Gavin to see how this might be facilitated.
  • Motion to table this for further discussion, motion passed.




  • close GSA account
  • letter to our members


  • approach Chamber about Spring DWAD


  • Develop Entrepreneurship category for 2014 IB Awards


  • Report back about Bacon + Beer
  • Report back about This Good World
  • Present DWAD cost information

Thank you sustaining members!

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