VOTE LOCAL: Interviews with Local Candidates

Did you know that communities with higher rates of locally owned businesses are more likely to have increased levels of civic engagement? Well, it’s true! And it’s one of many positive connections that local businesses have with their communities.

This year, Portland Buy Local is launching “VOTE LOCAL” to encourage local business owners and residents to get more involved in shaping the future of our community. Local elections and local businesses are two things that have an outsized impact on the future of our community, and we want you to do both — Buy Local and VOTE Local!

First up for our VOTE LOCAL program is a series of interviews with political candidates. We reached out to the candidates who are running for City Council and for Governor to conduct short interviews to be conducted on Facebook live. Check out our Facebook page to see the videos as they happen, and tune in live for the chance to ask a question via comment!


City Council At Large:

    • Joey Brunelle

    • Nick Mavodones


City Council District 1:

      • Matt Coffey (start at 3:55 for audio)

    • Belinda Ray

City Council District 2:

    • Spencer Thibodeau

  • Jon Torsch



    • Alan Caron

    • Terry Hayes

    • Janet Mills

  • Shawn Moody (declined invitation)

Note: Portland Buy Local is a non-partisan, non-profit organization and is not endorsing any candidate.

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