April 9th, 2014, Board Minutes

Portland Buy Local Board Meeting – April 9, 2014

In attendance: Kristen Smith, Danielle Marks, Erin Kiley, Mary Marsh, Tony Cox, Norman Patry, Thalassa Raasch, Elliott Teel, Jan Beitzer, Doug Johnson, Briana Courneya.

  1. Wecome and Connection: we wish we were in Puerto Rico with Elise!
  2. Approve March Minutes: edits – marketing subcommittees (task forces) are not chaired by those folks but by a board member. Market member businesses, Norman’s last name, Michaud is misspelled. Edits are moved to approve by Jan, Bri seconds.
    1. Let’s circulate the minutes right after the meeting with action items. We will begin to approve minutes by email? – Jan.  “Minutes – approval pending.”
    2. Definitely okay to send Bill our agenda.
    3. Financial Report: Norman, Thalassa, and Joe all met to go over Treasurer process, Quicken file, etc. Might be worth upgrading to Quicken for small business, or Quick Books.
      1. Let’s try to get Quick Books from Tech Soup (a platform to help non-profits access more expensive software.) If not, $200 should be approved to get Quick Books.
      2. We are doing okay with our total balance.
      3. CD will be up in soon…we will discuss whether to renew or not.
      4. Next meeting – let’s look at budget, 2014-2015 budget, how we did on everything, what we have left to spend, what next year looks like.
      5. Thank you gift for Joe – any ideas? Something more personal, and longer lasting, something one of our members makes.
      6. Marketing Committee Update: smaller meeting this time due to new task forces.
        1. Tony chairs Outreach Taskforce and meets with Gail – making a list of organizations that are aligned with ours.
        2. Elliott met with Terry who got a welcome to Portland packet – let’s track down where this originates.
        3. Deb would like to get mentorship program going, to be launched now that membership drive has calmed down.
        4. Joint Marketing and Membership meeting, TBD.
        5. DWAD – we will need volunteers for bag stuffing and manning tables – stay tuned, you will be hearing from Thalassa soon.
        6. Advocacy element – want to be known as expert on small business but how far do we want to go?

i.     Circulate bylaws.

ii.     Very divisive – traditionally we have not involved ourselves on specific issues. We are here to educate consumers and support small business, not a political advocacy group.

  1. Membership Committee Update: membership drive to be included in the print directory has ended, about 360 members were sent to Heather to be included in this years publication. That said, members can still renew or join!
    1. Members who probably want to renew but haven’t Dimillo’s, Roy’s Shoe Shop, Language Exchange, Creative Portland, Etain, Papier Gourmet, Albano Waste Services, Mark’s Hotdogs, Bier Cellar, Victoria Mansion, Solaris, Portland Mattress Makers, Farmers Market, Hairlines for Men, Homegrown, One Longfellow Square, Maine Coast Kitchen Design, Ohno, Maine Running Company.
    2. Sustaining – all good, follow up with Bull Feeney’s to update.

i.     Erin suggests another in-between level so that other businesses can give, just not as much. Sustaining, and then Legacy level. New membership structure will be redesigned.

ii.     Sustaining member cruise on the Francis.

  1. Next meeting we will have full layout of who renewed, and why other didn’t renew, etc.
  2. We need to beef up our Board with Joe leaving, and Bri and Kristen leaving soon. Erin will talk to Trevor of Dispatch. Doug from Bull Feeney’s? And then a retailer. Eric from OTTO, someone from ReVision, Karen from Karma Fair Trade?
  3. Other Business:
    1. Debit card – Jan motions, Deb seconds. Application to UCU will go in today.
    2. Norman has received his office key.

i.     For conference room key to our building be in touch with Thalassa. New admin contact to Doug and Elliott.

  1. Annual meeting – Danielle will ask Local Sprouts about dates…June 14th
  2. Time & Temp – new website to coordinate businesses that appear on the top of the marquis, make is more of a resource. Currently a committee decides and it’s only non-profits up there. How do we get small businesses up there? Buy Local could be the non-profit and then businesses can be put up through there…perk for sustaining members?

i.     Maybe have the businesses that are up are linked to a promotion – 10% of sales that day are given to Buy Local.

ii.     We shouldn’t trade for our current space any more…or at least get more visibility from that.

iii.     Go to Marketing Committee to draw up proposal – keep it very charity oriented.

  1. Mayor’s advisory board – we have been invited with other Portland leaders to sit in on this. At this point it is a research committee, gathers information about the economic landscape in Portland to determine what our new minimum wage should be (currently $7.50/hr). This follows Obama’s initiative to raise the national minimum wage to $10.10.

i.     Jan – there will be a vote eventually – if we abstain that will be bad. Anticipate that politically contentious moment.

ii.     What if we say that we want to come, we want to participate, but we are only here to report back to our members, and represent them. Let’s present this to the staffer – we could serve as resource rather than taking a stand.

iii.     Erin – let’s poll our members by sector…Erin will craft survey.

iv.     Jan will contact Judy Rosen.

v.     Tony will volunteer to attend in Thalassa’s place.






























  • please reply to let me know if you will be able to volunteer for DWAD on May 1st – let me know if you’d prefer a particular location.
    • If you run a business, consider donating literature for our goodie bags or passing some my way to include on our tables that day.
    • Members who probably wanted to renew but didn’t – if any of you have a connection to them and can let me know TODAY/TOMORROW that they will absolutely pay, then we can add them in to the directory…
      •  Dimillo’s, Roy’s Shoe Shop, Language Exchange, Creative Portland, Etain, Papier Gourmet, Albano Waste Services, Mark’s Hotdogs, Bier Cellar, Victoria Mansion, Solaris, Portland Mattress Makers, Farmers Market, Hairlines for Men, Homegrown, One Longfellow Square, Maine Coast Kitchen Design, Ohno, Maine Running Company.
      • Who volunteered to reach out to Eric (OTTO), Candi (reVision Heat), and more to join the Board?


  • Update March minutes & publish
  • Apply for Tech Soup
  • Follow up with Bull Feeney’s about their Sustaining payment – mention Board position opening in the fall
  • Contact the Francis about Sustaining Member cruise
  • Send Vitalius admin contact out
  • Make copies of conference room key


  • Get our survey results ready to present


  • Review of 2013-2014 budget, what is left to spend and how did we do?
  • Projected 2014-2015 budget


  • Thank you gift for Joe
  • Follow up with Mayor after Jan hear from Judy Rosen


  • Talk to Dispatch’s Trevor about joining the Board
  • Craft member survey regarding minimum wage


  • Contact Judy Rosen about our involvement in Minimum Wage Advisory Board


  • Talk to Karen (?) of Karma Fair Trade about joining the Board


  • Check with Local Sprouts about Annual Meeting date

Membership Committee:

  • Bring full list of renewed members and why certain members did not renew to next meeting
  • Begin to restructure member levels, incorporating another sustaining level

Marketing Committee:

  • Draw up proposal for Time & Temp marquis to feature our members – keep it charity oriented
  • Develop OPF idea for our members ASAP



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