Mayor Proclaims “Shop Local Saturday”

Mayor Ethan Strimling has signed a proclamation honoring Portland’s local business community and declaring Saturday, November 24th to be “Shop Local Saturday.”

The proclamation states:

“Shop Local Saturday PROCLAMATION

Whereas, Shop Local Saturday provides a time to support the independence of the Portland community and the entrepreneurial spirit represented by our core of local independent businesses; and

Whereas, the individual decisions every community member makes today affect the future of Portland; and

Whereas, Portland’s local independent businesses help preserve the uniqueness of the community and give us a sense of place; and

Whereas, Portland’s core of independently-owned businesses give back to this community in goods, services, time and talent; and

Whereas, the health of Portland’s economy depends on our support of businesses owned by our friends and neighbors; and

Whereas, independent locally-owned businesses recirculate a large percentage of revenue locally, creating more local wealth and jobs; and

Whereas, Portland’s independent business owners and employees enrich community members’ shopping experiences with their knowledge & passion;

Therefore, as we celebrate Shop Local Saturday, November 24, 2018, we acknowledge that the ability to choose the direction of Portland lies within each of us and consciously provide an opportunity for the community to participate and convene around our local economy.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Ethan K. Strimling, Mayor of the City of Portland, do hereby proclaim November 24, 2018 as: Shop Local Saturday and salute our community members and locally owned independent businesses who are integral to the unique flavor of Portland and honor their efforts to make Portland the place we want to live and work.”

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