Why Buy Local Campaigns?

A growing body of evidence indicates that buy local campaigns, which are now underway in more than 130 cities, are changing people’s shopping habits.

A nationwide survey of 2,768 independent businesses in January 2011 found that those in cities with active “buy local” campaigns experienced stronger revenue growth compared to those in places without such campaigns. Business owners in cities with active “buy local” campaigns also reported a wide range of positive impacts on their businesses, including greater customer loyalty, more visibility, and new customers.

A buy local campaign in Bellingham, Washington, has strongly influenced residents’ shopping choices, according to a 2006 study by a market research firm.

Our own February 2010 survey of businesses participating in the Portland Buy Local campaign found that 84 percent said the campaign had had a “positive impact” on their business, generating increased sales and greater customer awareness and appreciation of their enterprise. Our survey also found that those businesses that displayed the most Buy Local materials reported the biggest boost from the campaign.

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