Music in Disney’s Animated Features – James Bohn

Music in Disney’s Animated Features Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to The Jungle Book By James Bohn For anyone who has interest in the history of film music, and especially the evolution of music in Walt Disney’s animated films, Jim Bohn’s carefully researched book is a fascinating internal look at the creative collaborators and the techniques they invented to provide a unique way of combining music with the animated image. Limited to the motion pictures that were made under the direct supervision of Walt Disney, Bohn respectfully and carefully details the collaborative association between Disney’s creative vision and that of his musical creators. James Bohn, New Bedford, Massachusetts, is a composer and scholar on the faculty at Stonehill College and Bridgewater State University. His music has been performed internationally and has appeared on several recording labels.

When: Saturday, June 2nd from 10am-12pm

Where: Letterpress Books (Northgate Plaza, 91 Auburn Street)

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