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Meet & Greet with Maine author Leland Hanchett

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Meet & Greet with author Leland Hanchett
Get some fascinating Maine history of Stagecoaches!

This history covers the stage routes connecting Maine’s three different capitals. Preceding stagecoach travel in the west by 40 years, travel in the east started in the late 1700’s and was in full swing until the railroads took over in the 1840s.
Includes an overview of why Maine’s capital moved from Boston to Portland and finally to Augusta; the building of the stage roads; formation of the stage lines; taverns & inns along the way and personal accounts of travel and experiences on the stage routes. Over 100 photos provide a unique glimpse into Maine’s past. This book takes us back 200 years where we can re-experience those issues which we thought were new to our generation. Even then, competing newspapers could divide a town on almost any subject; lawmakers knew how to wheel and deal; and big business found ways to stifle small competitors.

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