Meet & Greet with 4 Maine Authors

Compassionate Journey: Honoring our Mother’s Stories
By Jane Sloven,
Saturday June 16th 10:00 AM – Noon
Meet & Greet with the authors of
Compassionate Journey: Honoring Our Mother’s Stories
Martha Rice, Cheryl Gillespie, Jenny Radsma and Jane Sloven

Five women writers enter their mothers’ worlds to tell their stories and unearth complex histories filled with love, laughter, trauma, courage, resilience, and determination. Their explorations lead the writers to a more compassionate acceptance of their mothers and themselves. Written with heart and honesty, this anthology includes discussion questions and writing prompts for others wishing to make a similar journey. (While the book covers the stories of five women, four will be attending this event)

When: Saturday, June 23rd from 10am-12pm

Where: Letterpress Books (Northgate Plaza, 91 Auburn Street)

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