Jean Flahive – Meet & Greet

Meet & Greet on Saturday Oct 26 10:00 AM- 1:00 PM Jean Flahive Children’s book author of “Teddy Roosevelt, Millie & the Elegant Ride” Millie is a headstrong farmer’s daughter who chases her dreams in a way you would expect a little girl nicknamed “Spitfire” would-running full tilt, with her eyes on the stars. Dreaming of leaving the farm life, working in the city, and fighting for women’s right to vote, Millie imagines flying away on a magic carpet. One day, that flying carpet shows up in the form of an electric trolley that cuts across her farm. and “The Canoe Maker, David Moses Bridges, Passamaquoddy Birch Bark Artisan” Young Tobias is on a quest with his father, David Moses Bridges, the Tribe’s master canoe maker. Together they go deep into the Maine woods to find the perfect birch and to gather spruce roots, cedar and spruce gum to build a canoe in the ‘old ways.’ In this magical tale, David weaves Native American storytelling into the ancient art and spirituality of canoe making, including the heart-rending, mythological legend of the partridge, the first canoe maker.

When: Saturday, October 26th from 10:00am-1:00pm

Where: Letterpress Books, Northgate Plaza, 91 Auburn Street, Ste. K

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