Where is Waldo 570


Play the FIND WALDO game July 1 – 29. Letterpress Books is again hosting the game. 91 Auburn St., Suite K, Portland, ME 04103 INSTRUCTIONS: Pick up your game sheet / passport at Letterpress Books for the new Find Waldo game 1) When you Find Waldo at any one of the businesses listed on your passport, collect a store stamp (or signature). 2) When you also find 6 items left behind by Waldo’s friends in Letterpress Books, you get an extra stamp on your game page! 3) When you’ve collected at least 10 different store stamps/signatures, bring this ‘passport’ to Letterpress Books, your FIND WALDO local headquarters, to claim your “Found Waldo” button and a $1.00 coupon. 4) When you collect at least 20 of the 25 possible store stamps/signatures, bring your passport to Letterpress Books to get a button and a coupon PLUS be entered in the drawing for a set of Waldo books & other prizes. 5) Plan to attend the Waldo Pizza Party and prize drawing at 1pm on Sunday, July 29th at Letterpress Books! What’s new for 2018: New Search: The five intrepid travelers (Waldo, Wenda, Woof, Wizard Whitebeard & Odlaw) have dropped their precious items in Letterpress Books! Waldo seekers will set out on a search during the month of July to find his key, a bone from Woof, Wenda left her camera, Wizard Whitebeard scroll, and binoculars from Odlaw somewhere in the bookstore. And a BIG THANK You to all of our participating local independent stores.

When: July 1-29

Where: Local, independent stores throughout Portland! Hosted by Letterpress Books (91 Auburn St.)

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