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In order to renew, you must fit the following membership criteria:

Locally Owned This business is privately held. This business is located in the City of Portland. The owner or majority of owners are State of Maine residents at least half of the year. This business is registered in the State of Maine and has no corporate or national headquarters outside of the State of Maine.

Independent This business is private, worker, community or cooperative owned and not a franchise. The owner(s) have full decision-making authority over the business and is not subject to conditions dictated remotely. If there is more than one location, the majority of locations, must be located within the State of Maine.

*PIBCA reserves the right to decline membership to any business it deems not appropriate. If you're with a business that may not fit membership criteria, but supports our mission and does not compete with independent community-based businesses, please contact us to learn about volunteer and sponsorship opportunities.

Non-profit Eligibility: Community based non-profit organizations are eligible to join the Portland Buy Local membership. Non-profits may be a local branch of a nationwide organization, but there must be an office located within Portland city limits.

Please contact with any questions regarding membership qualification

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