Study Finds More People Shopping Locally Owned Thanks to “Think Local First”

The Hometown Advantage, Dec. 3, 2006

A three-year-old campaign to encourage people in northwest Washington state to “Think Local First” is having a dramatic effect on spending behavior, according to a recent survey.

Conducted by Applied Research Northwest, the survey of 300 people in Whatcom County found that 69 percent are familiar with the Think Local First campaign and 58 percent are making a more deliberate effort to patronize locally owned businesses than they did before the campaign started three years ago.

“These results are phenomenal,” said Dr. Pamela Jull, the lead researcher. “Normally, if 1 in 5 households claim familiarity with your program, and change their behavior because of it you would consider it a success. To have nearly 3 in 5 households attributing a behavior change to this program shows an amazing impact.”

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