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Solaris LLC, Energy systems

Solaris installs pollution free solar energy systems and high efficiency heating & hot water, and heat pumps, for homes and businesses.  Our goal is to help you cost effectively cut your fuel bills and environmental impact while improving your comfort.  Solaris has the experience and expertise to integrate solar with your existing systems, not just sell you a one size fits all stand-alone package.   With oil prices rising, the incentive programs for every family and business, plus the new Maine PACE energy loan, 2013 will be a smart year for investing in energy upgrades.

Our solar hot water systems allow the sun’s free energy to provide heating, hot water, pool heat and more.  Solar Thermal has the fastest payback time, often 5-6 years.  With starting prices as low as $4,000, after incentives, solar hot water is smart choice to stablize your budget.  Solar photovoltaic (PV) systems create electricity.  Usually you remain tied to the CMP grid so it is not necessary for the PV system to meet 100% of your need.  You can start small and add on as the budget allows.  If you buy an electric car you can power it for free.  PV prices have dropped by over 50% and now are one of the best values..  If your oil boiler is 10+ years old and does not have cold start and a storage tank a boiler upgrade or replacement often is the quickest payback.  Fuel savings average from 35-60%. 

Solaris takes a whole building approach when recommending energy upgrades for your home or business.  We offer everything from audits, weatherization, insulation, high efficiency heating, to solar.  We believe your money should be spent in the areas that will create the greatest savings.  Solaris is ready to help you determine your unique needs.  We even offer free classes to get you up to speed on DIY projects, understanding heating efficiency, incentives, and solar & green options.  You can sign up at www.Solaris.EventBrite.com

Since 2006 Solaris has been a leader in the solar industry in Maine.   You can count on our staff to be reliable and professional.  We provide design and specification support for builders, architects, and energy professionals for both retro-fits and new construction.


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