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Perch Design Studio

Here at Perch, we occasionally reminisce about the days of the webpage, a concept now relegated to the shelves of the internet archives (placed somewhere between dial-up AOL and ICQ). We think ahh, those were simpler times.

As hard as it is to imagine, there was a day when an organization’s ideal online presence was a static web brochure with a telephone number plastered somewhere on the page. Now, well… there are social networks, cloud computing, content management systems, the mobile web, open source, real-time content syndication, apps, live-tweeting, streaming media, user-moderated-user-contributed content, social bookmarking, programming languages that sound like medical conditions, WYSIWYGs, LOLs, and kittens talking about cheeseburgers. Then there is you, your audience, your goals, and the need to reach them. We call ourselves problem solvers because a one-size-fits-all strategy does not apply in the information age. We enjoy acting as listeners and thinkers—and as teachers, when requested—to help our clients find and implement a solution tailored to their needs.


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